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Project Proposal

Countries belonging in the European Union are facing an economic decline which leads to many multiple societal issues. Issues occurring such as having the percentage of unemployment rates meeting incline and/or lowering the standards of living by having lower economic growth.

What countries can do in order to stand up and meet economic growth is to increase the exports and outcome transactions with the rest countries belonging in the EU for lower transportation costs as well.

The project which we work at is a company which is exporting agricultural products which are grown and/or being produced in Greece. There is a huge variety of products which are very nutritional and also there is the authentic taste which is being brought from the origins of each different area.

There are also numerous other healthy options for the customers such as different species of tea or sage and many other herbs which can be useful for the overall health of each individual.

The site is open at the European market since it runs with a system which is autonomous in a way which allows to the transaction to be electronically by having the taxes added on the price and allowing the customer to view his receipt as well as an email which confirms the transaction in any case.

Also the site will project and advertise the products via promo video, or videos and images together with the nutritional facts that each product has to offer. Greece produces a variety of agricultural products and we are looking to expand beyond the borders.

By: Emmanouil Kamprogiannis, John Lacon


Target Audience and Field Research

Eat Like Greek is a brand that is targeted for audiences from beyond Greece. We are looking to export Greek food products and to promote the wellbeing of the Mediterranean diet, beyond the Greek borders.

People today know a lot about Greek food, but do they actually know what Greece actually produces? Greece is famous for its olives, olive oil, and feta cheese to people beyond its borders. Greece though produces other products, such as honey, chestnuts, walnuts, oranges, and many more nutritious foods that come from Greece’s fertile land.

Greece is in a very good geographical position, with an excellent climate, which is good not only to visit but also to farm the land. Greece has a variety of traditional products, but Eat Like Greek will focus on products that are good and beneficial for our customer’s health and wellbeing.

What we aim to achieve here at Eat Like Greek is to expand top quality Greek products abroad and make known to the world the excellent fruits that come from Greece’s earth. What we need to do in order to have a successful penetration in the markets we are looking to expand is to identify the target market.

Target market:

Since we are looking to expand the Greek food to other continents, we first need to identify the markets we first and foremost need to know the market segment. Eat Like Greek is looking to target and export its products to the following countries:

  • Germany
  • United States
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • China
  • Russia

Taking into consideration that the United States is composed of 50 states we will mainly focus on cities with a more multicultural and ethnically diverse. The cities, in the US, that we are looking to export our products are the following:

  • New York City
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Miami
  • Washington D.C
  • Boston
  • Houston

These are the most common cities in the United States, also most of these cities have a big population of Greeks living there.

Our main target market are Greeks that are living beyond and want to keep in touch with their beloved Greek products that come from their motherland.

Another aspect is the of our target market is to also approach many foreigners and to bring them into the Greek culture and of course the products that it produces. China and Russia is are two markets that are rapidly growing and together with the close and friendly relations that these huge markets have with Greece, it is a great opportunity to introduce to them our products.

Every year Greece has a huge number of tourists that come to visit Greece from China and Russia, what we want to do as a company is for them to keep in mind that Greece is also there in their own country.

Our company is mainly looking also to focus and identify a specific age group, according to research we have found that in most countries women are more frequent grocery shoppers than men. We also need to take into consideration the age group in which we will focus on, we are looking for our products to approach customers from the ages of 25 and above in both male and females.

Also we are looking to approach people with a Greek ethnic background, and also people from other ethnicities from within the countries we are looking to export, that are mentioned above. Our product is looking to focus mainly on people within the upper-middle class and upper class people.

We are looking to focus on these groups mainly, not because we want to snob other groups as a company but we have found that people on these classes have a higher literacy rate, and will most likely know what our products represent.

Field research:

So far we have only found some information through the internet and especially on the US market, we believe that we can find more information on people’s thoughts concerning our product and our upcoming services through a small questionnaire, and we are also looking to conduct a focus group presenting our site, products, packaging etc.

We want to give more emphasis on the focus group because we also want to see hands on the usability and the quality of the website.

By: Emmanouil Kamprogiannis, John Lacon