The project of this class requires a website to be created, through which an idea/ product/ company will be promoted. After a creative brainstorming, we decided to create a website for a photography exhibition, called pOse_stArt, since we are both fond of art, and especially photography. It is an exhibition with photos of people in natural poses, unaware of being captured by the professional camera. The aim of this project is to depict the beauty of people when they are in their most natural moments. This venture gives the opportunity to potential artists to unravel their talent and become part of our exhibition. Another distinct feature of the concept is that anyone can submit a photo, as long as it is creative and spontaneous. This exhibition, in other words, does not support or promote only well – known artists.

The name of the exhibition is a wordplay, one could say, since most people are familiar with the symbols and meaning of play and pause, but the word pause is eventually written with the letter “O”, referring to people’s poses when being taken photos. As a result, using the word pose together with the word play, there is a sense of motion created, the idea of vivid photography.