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Project Analysis

Organization “Alma Zois Thessaloniki”

The Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois Thessaloniki” was founded in October 2008 by women who have experienced breast cancer. The NGO aims to provide organized mutual aid, psychosocial support and rehabilitation of women suffering as well as their family members, its contribution to the demystification of cancer and the awareness of the female population for the prevention and early diagnosis of the disease. It is governed by a 7-member board elected from its members and has a Social Service.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer occurring in women after skin cancer, and is the second most common cause of death from malignant disease after lung cancer.

It is a fact that breast cancer is detected every year in our country in about 4,500 women. Most women think that the disease is not of their concern, although statistical data show that 1 in 8 women will present breast cancer during their lifetime and more than 70 % of them have no family history of the disease. However, the methods of diagnosis and treatment have evolved so much that it is possible to diagnose the disease at an early stage, and be treated successfully.

“Sail for Pink” Event

For a second year the sailing race will be held with parallel actions on land. The “Sail for pink” event aims to spread the message that breast cancer can be defeated. Particularly, the goal of the event is to inform the public about breast cancer and its demystification, raise money for the purposes of the organization Alma Zois Thessaloniki, and bring people closer to the experience of sailing and the values it represents.

Last year, over 1500 citizens of Thessaloniki and 300 volunteers actively supported the event on land in all actions performed at the White Tower, like Zumba, recording greetings in Canvas Wishes“, pastry creations, face painting, storytelling, puppetry, candles manufacturing and more.

Target Audience

The key audience of our event is women suffering from breast cancer, starting from the age of fifteen to old ages, since it’s a disease concerning every woman of any age, that need to be alert and make regular check-ups. In a second level our publics include the family members that need to be informed about the ways they can support their loved ones.

In addition, our goal is to reach out some of the dynamic groups of the city like CommunityLeaders (Mayor of Thessaloniki), Educational Institutions (students’ unions), Cultural Organizations, Media Channels (both traditional and electronic), Opinion Leaders, and Allies (e.g. “Makedonia” paper).

 Communication goals

By creating a “strong” logo, a well designed poster, and a communicative video we are aiming:

  • ·        To maintain a strong reputation as one of the most important annual events taking place in Thessaloniki.
  • ·        To inform people about the upcoming event taking place this year
  • ·         To enhance brand identification
  • ·        To increase interaction with key audiences.
  • ·        To achieve a strong public commitment to the “Sail for Pink” organization campaign

Project description

Alma Zois is a non-profit organization that aims to help and encourage women who suffer or have suffered breast cancer. The goal is the organized mutual aid, psychosocial support and rehabilitation of women suffering as well as their family members, their contribution to the demystification of cancer and awareness of the female population prevention and early diagnosis of the disease. Women in our country lack the right information and knowledge on this specific matter and that is one of the reasons the organization was founded in the first place, in a need to try and sensitize all the more women.

Our project is going to be about an event that they organize called “Sail for Pink”. It’s an event that was organized for the first time last year in Thessaloniki and its’ success made it an established event for every year. A sailing race organized by volunteers that they want to help and make people more involved with sailing.

The purpose of the event is:

  • ·         Informing the public about breast cancer and the debunking.
  • ·         Raising money for the purposes of the club ALMA Pref.
  • ·         Spreading the sport of sailing and the values it represents, but also indirectly enhance the marine tourism in the North Aegean.

 Our choice in this specific subject is based on the fact that we are also women and sensitive on spreading the appropriate information about the prevention of breast cancer.

During the year there are often organized similar events like the “Race for the cure” here in Athens. Sail for pink is a new idea and that is why we want to get involved in its promotion. So, as a part of the communication campaign we are going to produce a video that will be used as a TV spot also. Using last year’s material such as videos and photographs we will create one that will show the spirit and the ideas that this day represents. We will also include interviews from people involved with organizing the event like the president of “Alma zois”.

In addition we are going to design a logo and a poster that is communicating best the message of “Sail for Pink”.

The date is set, March 11. The place? Thessaloniki Thermaikos gulf.foto